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Pirate Blog

myrtle beach

It’s your turn

All right everyone reading this, it’s your turn! We arrrrgggg always looking for new ideas and ways to grow! So I am turning this post over to you! Do you have any suggestions? Ideas? Constructive Criticism? I am all ears! Send me everything that you think will help us grow! You can email us directly at [email protected] or you can send us a message on facebook at Pirate Adventures of Myrtle Beach   #myrtlebeach #myrtlebeachfamilyactivies #myrtlebeachkids #myrtlebeachchildren #northmyrtlebeach #northmyrtlebeachkids #northmyrtlebeachchildren #gardencity #Surfsidebeachchildren #Marshwalkpirates #marshwalkpirateship    

our customers

What keeps us going? Well that’s an easy answer, it’s our customers! Y’all reading this right now are what make our business a success! Year after year you come back with your little people to see us, you tell your friends, your friends come, and they tell their friends and the cycle keeps on going….

Time Line

How much time will you need? What happens? What’s it about? What do we get? Let me give you the time line low down! So First you leave from where ever you’re staying, I’d recommend at least 30-45 minutes for travel… Traffic gets crazy around here, especially this time of year.  So you’re driving down…

What’s the difference?

So on occasion, I get the question, “why should we choose your pirate ship?” Well I have a real simple solution to that question because we ARRRRGGGG AWESOME.  Seriously! Okay for real though we are a real pirate ship and we find real sunken treasure! Which is pretty cool in itself.  What makes us really special is that our trip is hands on and all of the children get to be a part of the crew! Whether it’s Jolly, Dagger, or Gypsea all of the children get a turn and a great individual experience! Come out and hang out with our awesome crew!   #myrtlebeach #myrtlebeachfamilyactivies #myrtlebeachkids #myrtlebeachchildren #northmyrtlebeach #northmyrtlebeachkids #northmyrtlebeachchildren #gardencity #Surfsidebeachchildren #Marshwalkpirates #marshwalkpirateship #litchfieldbeachkids

Talk Like A Pirate

Let’s talk like a pirate! Don’t know how too?? Guess what! I’ll teach you! We also have an awesome reference guide on our website. Lets start with how a pirate says yes? I’ll give you a hint, you have two of them on your face… What are they called? EYES… Now drop the “S” and…

What’s a good age?

What’s the perfect age to be a pirate you ask? The answer is 10 and under, they make the perfect buccaneers! Set sail on a cruise with your little mates and let their imaginations run wild! From the second they step foot on the pirate ship they turn into real pirates! From hoisting the flags, water cannon battles, to finding sunken treasure every moment is more enjoyable than the next! Don’t miss out on this journey!