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Pirate Adventures of Myrtle Beach

Set sail on the ultimate pirate cruise & treasure hunt at Murrells Inlet

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A Children’s Interactive Pirate Ship Adventure!

We are an extremely active and hands-on trip for children between the ages of three and 10. Our Myrtle Beach pirate ship guarantees fun for the family! Ticket price includes face painting and a lucky treasure hunting vest to wear onboard the ship. Pirate Adventures is a children’s interactive treasure hunt in Myrtle Beach. The children raise the crew and battle flags, have a water cannon battle with an enemy pirate, they hoist up a sunken treasure chest, and everyone gets to take home a handful of treasure. We also search for Pirate Pete’s “secret stash,” and then we have a pirate party and do the limbo aboard our pirate cruise!


Sunken Treasure Hunt

Somewhere in the waters of Murrells Inlet, it is storied that sunken treasure is a waitin’! Myrtle Beach’s best treasure hunt for young children!


Water Canon Battle

Myrtle Beach’s best pirate ship for families and children. Rigged with the Long Cannons, the Sea Gypsy be one of the best Pirate Ships in the calm waters of Murrells Inlet!


Face Painting & Tattoos

All of arrgh mates be needing tattoos, a lucky treasure hunting vest, and FREE face painting prior to boarding the Sea Gypsy Pirate Adventure!


Birthdays & Fields Trips

Best Myrtle Beach pirate adventure birthday parties! Mates can spend their birthday or search with their class on the water with arrgh crew! All children and families are welcome!

Top-Rated Adventure in Myrtle Beach

Couldn’t have been better!!

"We had 12 people in our party. They accommodated us so incredibly. The pirates, especially Pirate Jolly, made the kids smile and really believe they were on a pirate adventure. It was well designed, organized, and fun— a parent’s heaven. They made us laugh and kept the adventure truly magical. I’d highly recommend it to other families."

– Anna O.
Awesome Adventure!

"This was a great time! The kids were engaged and so excited to hoist the flag, battle Pirate Pete and find the buried treasure. Beautiful scenery in the inlet and a great captain and crew!"

– Stanlee M.
Great Trip!

"The captain and crew were awesome! They had my grandchildren’s full attention the entire trip.The children LOVED it!! Thank you!"

– Kathy H.
SOOOOO much fun for all ages!!!!!!

"My daughter absolutely loved the interactive activities on the ship. Crew was great from the start. Highly recommend this adventure…"

– Mary P.