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About Pirate Adventures of Myrtle Beach

To learn more about Pirate Adventures’ Myrtle Beach Children’s Pirate Ship Activity, please call 843.839.4665.

Welcome to Pirate Adventures of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! A place where children come to experience the magic of sailing away in search of sunken treasure. Come aboard our pirate ship and get caught up in this real life adventure. Be amazed as our crew taps into the wonder of a child’s imagination. Your child is painted with a curly mustache or with an anchor tattoo, dressed with a lucky treasure hunting vest, and marched off to the ship for a day of adventure they won’t forget.

Once aboard, the young pirates learn the rules at sea aboard the Sea Gypsy and use a treasure map to find the sunken treasure. As the crew searches for clues, they discover that Pirate Pete, the smelliest, most rotten, pirate on the Seven Seas, is lurking nearby, and he has something our brave crew needs. Off we go into battle with our famous water cannons! Will the crew defeat Pirate Pete and find the sunken treasure!?!

Aboard the Sea Gypsy, we always find the treasure, we always defeat that Pirate Pete, and the children always walk away with incredible stories about our Myrtle Beach Pirate Cruise!

If you are visiting other villages along the east coast, make sure you look up arrrgh sister ships!

Our Crew


Kayla “Sweet Pea“
First Mate

Sean “Savvy“

First mate


Justin “J. Hook“

crew member

Courtney “Polly“

crew member

Kristen “Jib“
Master Gunner


Madison “Mad Dog Mizzen“