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Time Line

How much time will you need? What happens? What’s it about? What do we get?

Let me give you the time line low down! So First you leave from where ever you’re staying, I’d recommend at least 30-45 minutes for travel… Traffic gets crazy around here, especially this time of year.  So you’re driving down the road, probably following your GPS, and finally you arrive or maybe get lost, if you get lost you can just call me (843x839x4665) and I’ll get you here.  So you arrive and park in the gravel lot directly across from the Dead Dog Saloon and then you walk towards the front doors of the restaurant to find the ship store where the fun begins! Once you make it to the ship store you get checked in, get your cool pirate merchandise, and head over to the deck for some face-paint! Our crew gets you painted/tatted up, gives you an awesome pirate name, and marches you down to the Sea Gypsy! Now your children are real pirates, raising the flags, battling the enemy, and finding treasure! From start to finish you are with us for about 90 minutes in total (not including your travel time)!