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Birthday Parties

Quick Details

Landlubber (open boat)
SEMI-PRIVATE Party Package
Captain’s Quarters PRIVATE Party Package


Birthday Parties onboard the Sea Gypsy on a voyage through Murrells Inlet searching for treasure are an amazing experience for little ones celebrating their special day!


The CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS birthday party package is a PRIVATE party for up to 37 people and costs $695. Private means its only your children, family, neighbors, and friends that you invite to ride onboard the Sea Gypsy; your guests get to enjoy the entire experience as the Sea Gypsy navigates the waters of Murrells Inlet and the children arrrgh hard at play! This incredible experience is for no more than 37 persons and includes our amazing Pirate Adventure onboard the Sea Gypsy while each child receives pirate face painting, tattoos, a pirate name tag, and secret treasure to take home! After the trip, your group has access to our birthday party picnic area for presents, snacks, lunch, cake or whatever food and beverage you may wish to provide. Our staff assists with set up and provides you with all of the disposable utensils you need; YOU provide food and beverage.


If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday as a smaller group, arrrgh LANDLUBBER semi-private party is perfect for you. This party allows you to invite up to 15 total people to ride the Sea Gypsy and celebrate your child’s special birthday experience as a pirate! As a semi-private event, the 15 family members and friends you invite arrrgh up to you; but there will also be other pirate guests onboard enjoying the experience with their young pirates.


If you have even a small group whether its just 2 or 4, you may simply purchase regular priced tickets for all persons you plan to have onboard and you may book any open trip (remember other families will be onboard with you!) that is available. Every child’s experience especially a birthday celebration is big deal to our crew!


***MOM’s & DAD’s (Grandparents also!) PLEASE READ***

So much effort is put into planning these parties; DO NOT WORRY about the weather forecast the days before your party, ARRGH CREW is watching also!  If we have a reason to reschedule yaarrgh party (seriously bad weather), we will call you ahead of time.   On the day of the party, we will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to get your trip off the dock if conditions are safe (including delaying departure if necessary).   We want to give your child the best experience possible!

For invitations and arrival, tell your guests to arrive 30 minutes early and to meet at the SHIP’s STORE in front of the Dead Dog Saloon.

For private parties, a cooler with beverages for the adults to enjoy while the children find their own treasure is allowed (no glass).

Once you have a guest list complete, please email arrrgh the FIRST names only of the guest children so we can be prepared (

This is a live outdoor boat ride adventure, please dress appropriately for all conditions.