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Our Crew

Although we have a Meet our crew page I thought I would reintroduce them to you on our blog!


Here we have Captain Crusty! We call him Crusty because he’s old! Captain Crusty is from Long Island and has been a boat captain for 20 years (told ya he was old) so you know you’re in good hands with this guy! Come out and meet him!

This right here is Jolly! Jolly is a student at College of Charleston in her junior year who plans on being a first grade teacher! You can catch her on the Sea Gypsy almost any day of the week all summer, if she’s not here she’s probably swimming around the inlet trying to be a mermaid!

The chick in the picture above is T2, I like to think she’s a pretty cool person, than again I am the one writing the blog and that is a picture of me so I’m a little bias.  You can find me in the office making reservations and getting you checked in for trips! In my free time I’m at the pool or beach


This here is Gypsea, formally known as Fitz but we changed her name cause Gypsea is a cooler name.  You can find Gypsea on the Sea Gypsy (the boat is like her sister they have the same name just spelled a little different).  Gypsea spends most of her free time on the boat or swimming somewhere probably trying to find treasure.

That guy right there is Salty Shackle, Admiral Salty Shackle to you.  Here’s his personal bio, these are the words directly out of his mouth.   “I commandeered the Sea Gypsy from the North after escaping from the prison of the Crazy Syzter.  Now with Capt J Hook and arrgh crew, we will conquer the entire East Coast. We established the Two Scalawags Trading Post near the Saloon of the Dead Dog and foreigners come from all parts to trade and barter.  
Me winch Polly along with t’ little buccaneers, Musket Madison & Cutlass Cooper, complete my compass.”


This here is Captain J Hook! It’s an older picture cause he wouldn’t let me take a new one but it’s a pretty cool picture so it will do! JHook has been running the Sea Gypsy for as long as I can remember you can catch him driving around all of our pirate mates almost everyday of the week! JHook has 3 little mates of his own (Poop Deck Phoenix, Adrift Aspen, and Lootin’ Lincoln) that keep him busy while he’s not out on the high seas!

This here is Dagger, he also wouldn’t let me get his picture so I took this one from his Instagram.  Dagger goes to Coastal Carolina University and is studying Marine Science! He use to work at Jersey Shore Pirates (our sister ship) but we commandeered him and now he works for Myrtle Beach Pirates! Come on out to meet him!


And last but not least we have Goofy.  Pirate Goofy worked with us 2 years ago and then he moved to Florida for like 2 years. But he came back and now he’s working with us again! You can catch Goofy on the boat, hanging in the office, or on the Marshwalk! In his free time he really likes to go bowling!