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reduce, re-use, recycle

Hey again… While this isn’t pirate ship related it is about our ocean and waterways. Since we’re on it everyday, I think this is ever so important. Lets talk about trash in the ocean. I know y’all have seen the horrific pictures of the turtles with their heads stuck in a 6-pack holder, a seal tangled in plastic, and birds with razors stuck on their beaks. Lets be real, that’s just a few. So what can we do? What can you do? Remember in school? Reduce, re-use, and recycle. That’s what we can do. Don’t use plastic bags at the store, switch over to reusable water containers, and order some reusable straws. Personally here at Pirate Adventures to reduce our carbon footprint we opt not to use bags for merchandise, we also pick up trash around the area when we see it! Please help us and make an effort to reduce the trash and plastic from being washed into the ocean!


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