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Autism Friendly

So I want to talk about something that I get a lot of phone calls about. I get a lot of phone calls about different questions and concerns but one that I would like to specifically address is Autism. While I know a good bit about autism I have personally never had or watched a child with autism. So I have been getting a lot of calls and emails asking if we are Autism friendly. The answer to that question is yes, for the most part. There are a few loud noises (examples firing up the cannons, the generator is loud, and then the pirates and other children yelling arrggg and aye aye) those are the only two things that I have noticed being a little bothersome during our trip. Aside from that our staff is incredible with all the children on board the ship and everyone gets a turn to feel special and interact! I would love some tips/ideas on how to improve this!

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