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Ahoy it’s a Pirate Party!

Lets talk Birthdays, Pirate birthdays to be specific. Do we do Birthdays? The answer to that question is yes of course we do birthdays! We offer two different types of parties that are fun and adventurous! Imagine your child’s pirate themed birthday… Setting sail on a real pirate ship in search of sunken treasure. Hoisting up the flags and battling enemy pirates for the keys! While you’re out on the boat battling and in search of the treasure our staff is back at the ship store setting up the party deck so when you arrive back to shore you’ll be ready for some more fun and cake! The most popular package is the Captains Quarters; you get the entire Sea Gypsy for you and your crew holding up to 37 passengers, each child gets a skulldana, eye patch, and telescope. You also get the party deck for 1 hour after the trip. We will provide plates, napkins, and silverware; this awesome trip is $695.00! Our next option is the skull and bones party, you get the entire Sea Gypsy, holding up to 37 passengers and the party deck for $595.00. So tell me arrrrrrrr you ready to have a good time and make your little pirates dreams come true?