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Should I make a reservation?

Yes. Reservations are highly recommended, arrgh trips typically fill very quickly.

Walk ups are welcome but we recommend a reservation to guarantee your families spot.

How much does a ticket cost for my 5 year old?

Federal requirements mandate we count every person onboard including infants.

All passengers older than age three (3) are $25.00 per person.

Passengers age 1 & 2 are only $12.00 per person.

Infants & Babies are free to ride onboard, however please include them in your reservation for a total count.

Do parents need to ride onboard?


A minimum of one (1) responsible adult is required to accompany your children, however we recommend as many as want to enjoy in their children or grandchildren’s experience!

How long does the Pirate ride take?

The entire activity takes approximately two (2) hours to complete. You arrgh onboard the Sea Gypsy for approximately 60-75 minutes.

The total times includes the face painting, Lucky Treasure Hunting Vest dress up, Captains introduction, and of course the adventure itself!

Why do we need to arrive early?

You need to arrive no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to departure time so your children can be face painted for FREE, dressed with a lucky treasure hunting vest to wear on the Pirate Ship, and receive their pirate name tag for the Adventure. When the entire crew is prepared for boarding, the Captain will greet them and then the real adventure begins.

Do you have Pirate paraphernalia for my young Buccaneer?

Of course! Upon arrival we will don your children with one of arrrgh Lucky Treasure Hunting Vests to wear during the trip.

Additionally, for purchase there arrrgh a number of pirate hats, skulldannas, swords, guns, eye patches and much more to choose from if you wish to purchase yaargh buccanear with some fun accessories!

What times are you open?

We arrrgh open 7 days a week from Memorial Day until Labor day and then a limited schedule during the Fall & Spring.

For scheduling times, call the pirates den directly at 843.839.4665 and the phone staff can help you with a time that is available for your and your group size.

Do we get wet during the boat ride?

It is possible to catch a little over spray from a passing boat wake or the cannon fire into the wind however all passengers on the boat typically stay dry.

Pirate Pete, well thats another question! 🙂

WIll I get sea sick?

We sure hope not, what a mess!

The Sea Gypsy stays in the tranquil and protected body of water named Murrells Inlet; this is not an ocean going adventure. Although everybody is different, we are confident you or your children will get sea sickness.

Can we take pictures or video?

YES, you can take as many pictures as possible! We want you to share and remember yaaaargh experience for years to come!

We do ask that you DO NOT video record (or video-phone) the Adventure because it is protected and proprietary script & dialogue of the crew and small business we worked hard to develop.

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